Friday, December 21, 2007

Lame Holiday Letter 2007


Well, it’s been another big year in the lives of Jay, Sharon and Issa, as we brave fires, floods, earthquakes, locusts, pestilence and reverse mortgages to live the dream.


Jay and his partners sold their Fairfield, IA radio stations early in the year, which is a mixed blessing—Jay misses the day-to-day buzz, but he hasn’t really had that for a few years anyway, living 3,000 miles away. The sale has allowed him to focus on his publication, The Small Market Radio Newsletter  ... a related web site ... radio consulting ... and responding to e-mails from Mr. Phwutu asking for help getting money out of his country.

Jay has also launched a talent development service for radio personalities. We’re not sure where it will lead, but it seemed like a good idea when the thought struck him, right after the lightning and the bus did. Of the three, the thought seemed like the safest bet.


Sharon continues to provide bookkeeping services to a local psychologist and scours the Internet for get-rich-quick schemes requiring large initial investments and low odds of success.

She also pursues her lifelong interests in health, fitness, nutrition, music and pocket lint.


Issa has discovered her true talent as an artist; some of her best work is displayed here and in freeway underpasses throughout the L.A. area. She’s only two, so she has a promising career ahead of her.

At first Sharon and Jay were managing her, but she petitioned the court to become an emancipated minor and lived for a while with Michael Ovitz in Studio City. Happily, she reconciled with her family and is now back home, stinking up the joint with her crayon collection.

In her spare time, Issa enjoys licking herself, chasing her tail and getting into it with the Collie next door.


As a family, Jay, Sharon and Issa enjoy hanging out in Laguna Beach, strolling the boardwalk and giving bad directions to tourists. Issa likes to discuss the Folk Art movement with other local painters ... Sharon adds to her pocket lint collection ... and Jay picks up spare change by doing his Happy Lurch.

Well, we’d better go ... they’re predicting 0.0001" of precipitation, and panicked people are packing the aisles of our local Trader Joe’s, stocking up on toilet paper and Two-Buck Chuck (Southern California’s two basic food groups).

We hope you have a great holiday season, and we wish you all the best in 2008.